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ViCo.2 adopts a novel imaging method to obtain optical sections of microscopic specimens.
Using a conventional fluorescence microscope, structured illumination via an V, W scanning mechanism and processing procedures, equivalent or better results are achieved compared to those of current, laser based confocal microscopes.
Smooth transition between conventional, confocal imaging capabilities permits to optimize resolution versus speed and specimen photo-invasivity.
Spectral and contrast flexibilities are guaranteed by automated multi-band and multi-mode acquisition capabilities.


System features:

  • Conventional (wide-field) image collection;
  • Confocal (narrow-field) image collection;
  • Higher light efficiency and lower photo-damage, compared to laser scanning methods;
  • Fully compatible with all available fluoro-chromes;
  • Spectral flexibility due to the use of conventional light source instead of lasers;

System components (standard)

  • Research fluorescence microscope NIKON Ti-E (upright) or Ni-E (inverted) with objectives, epi-illumination unit, filters, transmission source and fluorescence excitation source (arc lamp).
  • Structured illumination module and control unit  (V, W spatial modulator)
  • High-resolution, monochrome CCD digital camera: NIKON DS-Qi2 or others monochromatic cameras drived by NIS

Personal computer (minimum requirements)

  • PC i3 or equivalent
  • Ram : 4GB minimum
  • HDD : 500 GB


  • Operating system : Windows 32 or 64 bits
  • ViCo software package (NIS Elements required)



Schematic diagram



Conventional image

Confocal image

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