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The BM1621L Flash stimulator is an instrument for both research and clinical applications, it allows to generate flash stimuli calibrated either in cd/m2 or in logarithmic units with respect to a standard flash and to control a flash head type BM6007H or Ganzfeld dome type BM6007B9.5 - BM6007B - BM6007G - BM6007F.

It is possible to completely program the stimulator from a personal computer.



Strobe White Hi power led

BM16212.jpg (85231 byte)

Floor stand type BM1621SN (Optional)
which allows the flash lamp to be positioned in all three axes

Duration <5 ms
Strobe intensities Variable from -3.5 to +0.5 U.L. * reference to standard flash (3 cd/m2/sec) in 0.25 U.L. steps.
Strobe flash rate From 0.1 to 50 per second or manual repetition
Strobe calibration All calibrations are make at the factory
Programmability Manual by internal keyboard or via RS232 port
Memory Up to 9 (memory 1 is loaded at startup)
Control unit dimensions: 26.4 cm W x 8.6 cm. H x 29.1 cm. D.
Power supply 85-264 Vac 47-63 Hz
Trigger input/output TTL positive or negative 1msec.

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