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for VEP and PERG
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The most widely used system to present a stimulus pattern is the reversal pattern that consists in presenting the light and dark elements of the pattern, bars or chess, so that alternately reversed each other's position (reversal), however without modifying the average luminance, without which the eye receives any flash.

The pattern stimulator is ideal for generating structured stimuli such as vertical bars, horizontal, check board.
This type of stimulation can be obtained by numerous techniques; the most practical and versatile is the one that uses a system consisting of an electronic generator connected to a display system which in this case is a LED DLP projector.

The system is composed of:
  • BM1610 module
  • LED DLP projector
  • table with electric adjustment
  • chin patient
  • projection screen with anti-reflective treatment
  • safety transformer for the supply of electrical components





Technical specifications

BM1610 Pattern generator
Spatial functions Full field, square bars, sinusoidal bars, checker, hemi-field, masking
Temporal modulation On set/off set, square, sinusoidal, drifting
Resolution 1280x1024 @ 75 Hz.
Contrast da 1% a 100% (theoretical)
Video output VGA monochromatic
Trigger Latency compensated TTL positive or negative on period or reversal
Programmability  Manual via keypad, from PC via Rs232 (software supplied)
Dimensions 8,6 cm H x 26,4 cm W x 29,1 cm D - weight 2,5 Kg.
Power supply 115Vac 60 Hz / 230 Vac 50 Hz, 60 W


Projection System
Technology Single DLP chip LED projector with no color wheel
Diagonal screen size 21" (53 cm)
Horizontal Visual field from 17 degrees (@150cm.) to 40 degrees (@60cm.)
Patient distance from 60 to 150 cm.
Spatial Amplitude (1 cycle) from 1 to 430 mm
Mean Luminance from 50 to 150 cd/m2
Temporal presentation All pixels on the DMD update simultaneously with no scanning
Dimensions 3,9cm H x 10,5 cm W x 10,6 cm D - weight 380 gr.
Power supply 100-240V, 50-60 Hz, 65W


Electric adjustment professional table with center column
Table dimensions 50x90 cm
Base dimensions 46x62 cm
Hight 67-83 cm
Weight 35 Kg
Carrying capacity 120 Kg
Power supply 220Vac, 50-60Hz, 50W



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